Local Green Power Since 1909

Pictured above our Wappingers Falls Hydroelectric location, one of three of our hydro sites. Our hydro sites have harnessed the power of the falling water to provide electricity to the surrounding area. Personally we have owned and operated these sites for over 30 years. We sold our power direct to Central Hudson and now we have the opportunity to sell direct to customer. 


This power is pollution free and renewable, this original form of power production remains the most cost effective means for providing a cleaner environment. The aerial photo shows Wappingers Creek gorge, penstock (pipe), wheelhouse, and mill complex. Learn more about the process here. Below photo from 1908 as they started building the bridge and the tunnel for the pipe. 

Wallkill Hydroelectric + Salisbury Hydro Associates

Since 1989, the Wallkill Hydroelectric Site has produced electricity for the surrounding area. Before that it provided mechanical energy for the Wallkill Felt Hat Factory. 

Salisbury Hydro Associates is located in Salisbury Mills, NY. Our smallest site, acquired in exchange for extensive work completed after it was vandalized. The site is tranquil and once repaired, just keeps chugging along.