You will get a percentage of our production based on your specific energy consumption needs. 

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What % of your production will I get credit for? 

No, Central Hudson will still be your utility.  You will be seeing credit on your bill and supporting local, zero carbon energy!

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Am I changing utilities? 

Each month, on your Central Hudson bill you will see a credit for Community Distributed Generation.  Then you will receive an invoice from us for less than the credit you received, resulting in savings. 

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How Does The Billing Work? 
Can I opt out easily? 

 Yes!!  We ask that you stay with us for a year, this will give us a chance to save you money throughout our highs and lows in production (the contract is written for five years), and then give us 30 days notice.  We may need a few more days to get Central Hudson's system updated on their side.  If something unexpected happens in the first year, we understand.  We're your neighbors and we want above all to be good neighbors!

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You will never lose money. Our production is seasonal, so when we don't have rain, we won't be producing so the credits will be much less and possible zero. When there is ample water you may get more credit than you can use and it will carry over into the next month.

Will I lose money in a drought?

There are no sign up fees, no hidden fees, no maintenance fees, and no additional fees. Having 30 years of history, we know how much it costs us to run our site and we can do it on the credits alone while saving you money. Our goal is simple, to bring you green energy directly. 

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Are There Any Other Fees? 
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No, ESCOs purchase energy from generators and resell it to utility customers. We directly connect you with our generator and you own a portion of our output.

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I'm hearing a lot about green energy, how can I trust you?

Unfortunately there are many who have practiced aggressive sales tactics and promised cheap “green energy" that has in fact cost more.  There are a few key differences that differentiate our business:

We are a member of your community and our site has been producing energy since 1909. We've personally been here for over 30 years.  

Most of those other companies are in the business of buying and selling electricity, we are in the business of making it.

We are offering power that is made in your community from our renewable facility in The Market Street Industrial Park. 

Our business model allows you to make an apples-to-apples comparison with your regular utility bill every month.