We are a verified, qualified, member of the community distribution program. This is also called Community Distribution Generation, we call it CDG for short. You may hear about this when people discuss solar but there are hydroelectric members as well! Benefit from renewable energy without the large investment and solar panels on your roof. 










The Community Distribution Program (CDG) recently launched changing how things work allowing us to offer you this great opportunity. 

The program: 

With the new model CDG we (the generator) work directly with the customer, you. We still send electricity to Central Hudson and they deliver it to you. However this time, as a customer of ours, you own a share of our electricity produced. We tell Central Hudson how much of a share you own and they apply a credit to your bill under "Community Distributed Generation (CDG)" 

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Here is how it works:

  1. You have a share of Wappingers Falls Hydroelectric, this simply tells Central Hudson you are allocating a portion of your energy dollars to us. 

  2. Each month, Central Hudson credits your bill for the value of the power your share produced in that month. This reduces the amount you owe to the utility.

  3. After you receive your utility bill, we process a payment for the same amount minus 10%. Your payment to us will equal the credits you already received on your utility bill minus 10%.

  4. Any excess credit is banked on your utility account, and applied to bills in subsequent months.

WF Hydroelectric is not a typical “energy services company” (ESCO), and we do not sell electricity supply in the way that most companies who promise low prices or renewable power do. Unlike most “green power” options, with Wappingers Falls Hydroelectric you know exactly where your dollar goes and what impact it has on your community. Also, no bulky panels or start up fees. No 800 phone numbers or call centers. You are dealing directly with the owners. We are a FERC Qualified Facility. We look forward to welcoming you to the powerhouse for a site tour as a customer as well.