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Introducing Wappingers Falls Hydroelectric

We now have consolidated billing.  You will only receive your normal Central Hudson bill with the discount included.

Our Story

Hello! I am Sarah Bower Terbush and my husband Harry Terbush and I have owned and operated 3 hydroelectric sites here in the Hudson Valley for over 30 years. Our hydro sites have harnessed the power of the falling water to provide electricity to the surrounding area. We sold our power direct to Central Hudson and now we have the opportunity to sell direct to customer. 

This power is pollution free and renewable, this original form of power production remains the most cost effective means for providing a cleaner environment. 


What We Do

Over the years we have rescued and fully restored abandoned sites and we've brought them back to producing green energy. We take great pride in not only continuing green energy but also showcasing the great history behind the power. We recently launched a new vertical of our business where we can now allocate shares of our production to individual customers. If you are a Central Hudson Customer, you are eligible. Sign up and Save the Planet while Saving Money.

We're providing clean, cost effective electricity that has stood the test of time.

Harry Terbush

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Natural Power Dec 2018

Welcome to Wappingers Falls Hydroelectric

Serene Flow of the Creek Powering our Wappinger Location

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