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What You Need to Know

How many sites do you own and operate?

Three! In Wallkill, NY In Wappingers Falls, NY and in Salisbury Mills, NY! We work with Central Hudson to bring you Renewable Energy.

What is the name and purpose of the program Community Hydro is using?  

The program is called Community Distributed Generation (CDG). It is a way to allow residents to benefit from local renewable energy without producing it themselves.

What benefits can I expect?

Participating in our hydro program supports local clean energy and saves you money each month.

Can I Opt out easily? 

YES! We ask that you stay with us for 1 year this will give us a chance to save you money throughout our high and low production months. If you choose to leave the program, Central Hudson requires 60 day notice. We may need a few more days to get Central Hudson's system updated. If something unexpected happens in the first year. we understand. We're your neighbors and want to go above and beyond to be good neighbors!

Are you an ESCO? 

We are not an ESCO. Our credits cover more than just your energy supply costs, it is applied to the entire bill. You keep Central Hudson as your energy service company. You are not changing utility companies.

Am I buying part of the hydro?  

No, just the production credits.

Will I have to pay to maintain equipment or anything?

Nope, that is our job!

How Much will I save? 

We charge 10% less than the credits you receive. The actual amount you will save will depend on our production and how much you use. Over the course of the year it is 7-10%.

Is there a subscription cost or other fees? 

Nope, Nada!

How does billing work? 

Each month on your Central Hudson bill you will see a credit for Community Distribution Generation. Then you will receive an invoice from us for 10% less than the credit you received, resulting in savings.

Why do I have to pay a second bill? 

This is the way the program is setup but we are working hard to change this and make it easier for you.

Can I use an automatic payment such as a bank of credit card? 

We have begun to accept ach payments (directly from your bank account). This is not required but you can ask us for more details.

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